Skin Classic

Skin Classic Treatments

Do you have brown spots, broken capillaries, clogged pores, acne cysts, those pesky "red moles", age spots on your hands or skin tags? All those little "spots" on your skin can be annoying, persistent and seemingly hard (and expensive!) to treat. 

Great news! L. MOORE AESTHETICS is now a certified provider of Skin Classic treatments. The Skin Classic high frequency probe is used on the minor skin irregularities and never enters the skin. It barely touches the skin and therefore is called the touch method. Treatment is very quick, a bit uncomfortable but so worth it. Immediately you will see waiting and hoping!

Pricing for a Skin Classic treatment starts at $25/spot and goes from there. Downtime can take from 5-14 days, depending on treatment. With your consultation we will go over what skin irregularities you have, what you'd like to treat and a price for them all. Most can be taken care of in one, one hour session. 

The photos above are from other Skin Classic providers-stay tuned for some of my own! 


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