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Cancellations, Kids, COVID and...Cold Sores

As always, we want to ensure we best serve you, our clients. With that, we have some policies in place as follows:


CANCELLATIONS: Everyone's time is valuable and with that, we ask for consideration if you need to cancel or change an existing appointment. Starting August 2022, we will require a credit card to book first time appointments and our cancellation policy is as follows:


  • Cancellations made more than 24 hours before appointment:No charge.

  • Cancellations made less than 24 hours before appointment: Non refundable $25-50 cancellation fee (depending on appointment length/cost). You will be invoiced accordingly. 

  • No Call, No Show:You will be charged full amount for the appointment. If your appointment is part of a package and/or prepaid, you will forfeit that appointment.

Please note, we understand that things happen and will make exceptions in certain cases. That being said, if a client no-shows or last-minute cancels more than three (3) times, we will require prepayment for all appointments moving forward.

HOW TO CANCEL: you are sent a confirmation at booking and reminders at both 48 and 24 hours prior.  If you foresee any issues in making it to your appointment you can cancel/reschedule as follows:

  1.       Cancel or reschedule online by logging into your account.

  2.       Email us at

  3.       Text us or give us a call at 904.652.9958

Note: Please be sure to use the 904.222.6053 number to text/cancel, NOT the number your reminder texts come from. We will not receive it if sent from that number.

Thank you for your understanding on this and your continued support.


KIDS: We love children and have children of our own. However, as your goal is to RELAX and enjoy yourself, we ask that you do not bring young children to your appointment. If you're in a bind, as many parents find themselves, let us know and we can see what we can do to assist .

COVID: While we would like to think we are all through with COVID, we are not. We do not require masks at this point but do ask if you are feeling ill, have a cold, have been exposed to or have or any symptoms of COVID that you please reschedule. L. Moore Aesthetics will continue to take precautions to ensure a sanitary and safe environment for you and we ask that you work with us. 

COLD SORES: Unfortunately, some of us suffer from these pesky things. If you do, please do not come in if you feel you are:

  • Getting a cold sore

  • Have an active outbreak

  • Are still healing from an outbreak

The last thing we want to do is trigger and/or spread an outbreak so if there is ANY sign of one, we will decline treatment that day-it is for both your protection and ours. We do have some products and treatment suggestions to help heal these, just ask! 


If you have any questions or concerns regarding these policies, please reach out to us!

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