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Our Products

We carry a variety of skin care brands and products that we have researched extensively. When choosing brands to carry in our spa and use during treatment we follow the science and look for products that are high-quality, effective and give you the best results.


“A More Beautiful You”
by L. Moore Aesthetics

After years of searching for the perfect SPF, Laurie set out to formulate her own. “A More Beautiful You Tinted Mineral SPF 40” launched in 2018 and has been a client favorite and best seller. Next up is the recently launched “Vitamin C+E (& Ferulic)”, a hydrating  serum that brightens and protects. This product works for all skin types.


Laurie is continuing to grow her curated collections, meticulously searching for the best ingredients and formulations.


Environ is our main line. Formulated by Dr. Des Fernandes in South Africa, this is a medical grade, Vitamin A based line that affords clients a means to incorporate Vitamin A into their daily skincare regimen without irritation or extended sensitivity to the skin. 


With their supplement lines focusing on hydration, aging, acne, body, sensitivity and hyperpigmentation, Environ products meet a wide range of needs. We have incorporated their Triawave microcurrent machine into our treatments to give you the maximum benefits their products offer.



We introduced Revision to our clients in December of 2021. Our founder, Laurie had worked with the line early on in her career and in looking for a neck cream to assist client concerns, she circled back and brought it on board. In addition to their award winning Nectifirm Neck Cream, Revision offers a selection of easy-to-use products that fit those looking for a simpler regimen including DEJ Night Cream (an all in one cream that has Vitamins A & C, Peptides and Alpha Hydroxy Acids), DEJ Eye and more.

We have carefully selected all the products we offer and are sure you will love them just as much as we do. You can rest assured that we will continue to explore the best products in the industry and always help you find the products to fit your needs.

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