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Skin Care Tools

We take pride in researching, testing, and implementing top of the line skincare treatments, tools, and products. Though our hands help to provide our fabulous facials, we also utilize some machines to help better serve you. 


Below, you’ll find descriptions of the technologies we currently use. We’d love to help you choose the tool best suited to your skin goals. Please reach out with any questions!


LightStim Light Therapy

Also called Low Level Light Therapy, this treatment delivers light energy to humans much like the way plants absorb photons of light produced by the sun. Our LightStim device emits a unique combination of distinctly colored LED lights customized for either Anti-Aging and Healing (red light) or Acne (blue light) resulting in boosted cellular production, a calmer, healed skin, and optimal function. There’s no downtime, so you’ll be able to relax during your treatment then go! 


Available as an add-on treatment to any facial or as a stand-alone treatment. You may also rent a device for in-home, continual therapy!



Utilizing three different modalities (microcurrent, sonophoresis, iontophoresis) the Triawave offers clients a non-surgical face lift for neck, jaw, and eye area while reducing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, uneven skin tone, and skin laxity. If you are not ready for a surgical procedure because of time, financial, or medical limitations, this offers a non-invasive approach to improve and return a youthful appearance.



Using low-frequency ultrasonic vibrations, sonophoresis facial cosmetic therapy dramatically improves the absorption of powerhouse vitamin serums, as well as moisturizers and skin softeners. The vibrations cause small spaces to open between the skin cells, which results in improved penetration of ingredients and enables deep repair and reconditioning of the skin.



Clean. Extract. Hydrate. These steps are at the core at every Hydrafacial treatment but the possibilities are endless. The magic is in the wand, which works like a vacuum to open pores for a deep cleanse and easy extraction of impurities and dead skin cells. It also allows the active ingredients in the customized boosters to penetrate more deeply for the most effective treatment possible. Your skin is left clean, plumped and glowing. Treatments can also be done on the neck and decollete, hands, back, booty, and more!



During this treatment, a device sends mild electrical impulses of very low voltage but high frequency through the skin. This has a two-pronged effect on the skin–it triggers cell production, thus leading to the formation of new layers of skin which can replace the damaged ones on the surface. It also leads to the stimulation of collagen formation and remodeling, which helps to tighten the existing layers of skin.


The microcurrent acts on the facial muscles and superficial skin tissues. It stimulates the facial muscles by generating a slight amount of vibration, which is what helps tighten the muscles and overlying skin. In a sense, it retrains your muscles. This therapy can be used to prevent frown line formation and ultimately help prevent the signs of facial aging.

Skin Classic Machine.png

Skin Classic

Do you have skin irregularities like broken capillaries, skin tags, cystic acne, milia, or brown spots? This is the machine for you! Utilizing high-frequency, we are able to treat and erase most pesky skin issues that, while harmless, may be a nuisance or not aesthetically pleasing. Downtime is 7-10 days and home care instructions are provided. 



This skincare method uses electric currents to push the skin-loving nutrients in serum and essence deep into the skin. When the nutrients can penetrate more deeply into the skin, their effect will be amplified!

Jet Plasma_Stock.jpeg

Jet Plasma

Skin remodeling with no downtime? Yes, please! Jet Plasma is the only direct-current plasma medical device on the market, and is used for a variety of skin treatments. Its safe, effective, and consistent plasma energy generates heat, warming the skin and producing a wide range of desired effects.  It can also be paired with other modalities such as Hydrafacial, peels, and dermaplaning.

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