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The Homecare Connection

With each new year comes resolutions. For me, this almost ALWAYS means some sort of fitness/weight loss goal, especially as I ascend into my 50’s and realize that working on my feet all day may just not be cutting it anymore. Sigh.

As we all know, fitness and health have two components: the fitness part, where you build up a sweat, be it on your own, playing or working out with a team or ideally for some, a trainer (shout out to the many great ones I know). This part, while it does work, is only half the battle. The other half is your diet and what you eat because while both “help” reach your goals, it is the two together that ensures success.

Your skin’s health and appearance are the same with two components:

  1. Seeing your skincare professional on a regular basis, your “workout” so to speak where you get a professional treatment that helps you to achieve your skincare goals and

  2. Your homecare regimen, or “diet” if you will. This ensures your skin is not only receiving ingredients to help nourish, rejuvenate, or protect your skin, it also ensures better results when you do more invasive treatments such as peels, collagen induction therapy or even Hydrafacials.

Again, as with health/fitness, both help but together you see success.

But, where to start? When you are with us for your skincare treatment, we choose for you the treatment we feel is best-that’s what we are there for! But a home care regimen can be daunting: SO many products, everyone seems to love “XXX” ingredient, TikTok “influencers” and let’s not go into those late-night, QVC or Instagram products that might seem like a good idea at 3 am but most likely are not. (I see you, snail slime. Ew.)

We are here to help you and can work with your budget or how simple (or complicated) you want to be. There are a few core pieces one can start with:

  • Vitamin A: Things slow down as we age, including how often our skin can recover (think about when you got a cut when you were younger vs. now…that’s things slowing down). Vitamin A helps to fuel the skin’s cells to keep them “running as it should” as we age, helping with oil balance, discoloration, fine lines, texture, and all those “aging” factors we start to see. Highly Recommend: C-Quence or AVST from Environ or Retinal .5 from Revision.

  • Vitamin C: Vitamin C is a powerhouse that helps to “lighten, tighten and brighten” your skin while also strengthening and protecting from both intrinsic and extrinsic damage. I love it for all my clients, especially those who are frequently out in the sun for tennis or golf. Highly Recommend: Vitamin CE + Ferulic by L. Moore Aesthetics or Antioxidant Defense Crème from Environ.

  • Moisturizer/Sunscreen: A MUST. Whether you live in an artic tundra or ever-sunny Florida, your skin should always be protected from the suns damaging rays. My rule of thumb? If you are outside and do not need a flashlight to see, then you should have SPF on. Easy, right? Client Favorite: Tinted Mineral SPF 40 from L. Moore Aesthetics (a best seller!)

I feel so strongly about the importance of a good homecare regimen that if a client must budget themselves, I will always tell them to invest in their homecare over coming in for treatments. Yes, I will miss them, but I feel better knowing they are doing their daily work and we will get back to treatments when they can.

So, if you’re looking to make some changes to your skin this year, bring the products in for your next appointment and we can see if there’s anything missing. From there, you can start your skincare regimen at home to ensure best results when you come to see us. A perfect partnership!

In beauty,



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