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'Tweens, Teens & Skincare

So, is your teen or tween’s skin looking a little…congested? Acneic? Or simply…off? Do not worry, it happens! Fluctuating hormones, lack of a consistent skincare regimen (because, teens) and using the wrong products can all add up to skin that might just not feel clear, clean or smooth.

I have been asked by many clients how they can help their age 11-20 children/young adults to

  1. Clear up their skin and

  2. Establish healthy habits.

With YouTube, TikTok, Facebook and all kinds of options out there, it can get confusing as to the why and how on starting a skincare regimen at a younger age. Here is some help.


  • For Healthy Habits: Starting some healthy habits early can help deter congestion/blackheads, breakouts, and long-term sun damage. Often, by the time a parent brings their children in to see me, their skin is highly congested and acneic, making for a long facial process initially. Getting them to simply start cleansing can help prevent this.

  • Get Help: Utilizing the services of a skincare professional (aesthetician) can be helpful in both explaining simple facts about skin, creating a simple yet effective home care regimen and answering any questions they might have. While dermatologists often do play a part, simply establishing healthy habits and pinpointing some triggers can avoid a costly visit to the doctor and costly prescriptions.

  • Save money in the long run: while it seems an investment up front, purchasing a simple regimen of professional products keeps you from continually spending money on over the counter skincare products that have less effective ingredients and may/may not help the issues at hand. A travel-sized customized kit such as our new Teen Kits are a good place to start before investing in full size products.


  • Learn more: Set up an appointment for a complimentary consultation (online or preferably in person) or a facial. From there I can send some samples home to try with a suggested regimen and treatment plan.

  • Start small. Many times, a cleanser, exfoliant and moisturizer/spf is all that is needed to get started. Adding in a cleansing device, such as a Clarisonic or Foreo to be used 2-4x/week can also assist in getting skin truly clean. Plus, they are fun to use and can encourage a healthy start.

  • Make a Plan: sometimes just setting goals with your child can help (I have a 5-year-old and do this constantly). Getting them to commit to washing their face even once a day can help, start small and work up from there.

  • Review my blog, “Keeping it Clean” to look for some possible triggers that can contribute to congestion and breakouts.

  • Look for key ingredients: instead of trying to “scrub their skin clean”, look for products with Alpha or Beta Hydroxy acids that instead help “digest” thick, congestion prone skin. Our Clear + Bright + Beautiful Peeling Pads are ideal for working on all skin types, especially teen skin.

  • SPF: This is key at any age, but especially if one is prone to acne as sun + acne can lead to discoloration and dark spots down the road. Look for a physical block that has titanium dioxide or Zinc oxide with an SPF of at least 30. Wear daily (yes daily) and reapply as needed. Protect UV SPF 30 or the Sculplla Sun Shield 50 are both ideal.

Overall, be patient. As I recall from so long ago, those tween and teen years are brutal. Adding in skincare may not be high on their list of priorities but if I can help you help them acquire some healthy habits now, it should help with less skincare issues down the road.

Hang in there parents!

In Beauty,



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